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    Edward C. Noonan
    Party Founder
    National Committee Chair
    937 N. Beale Rd,. Suite D
    PMB 119
    Marysville, CA 95901
    (530) 777-3474

Northern California:
Nuclear or Biological Warfare Apocalypse?

By Edward C. Noonan
Founder and National Committee Chairman:
American Resistance Party

About a year and a half ago Newswithviews printed an article entitled, "THE COMING BIOLOGICAL WARFARE ATTACK IN AMERICA." It ran on February 29, 2012. You can review the full article at:

In the article Mr. McGuire stated, "Imagine downtown Los Angeles, New York, or Washington, where 100,000 inhabitants from garbage collectors to CEO’s, in kindergarten classes to nursing homes, suddenly without warning begin drowning in their bodily fluids or suffocating on swollen tongues as mucous pours out from every orifice…people convulsing so violently that internal organs are displaced and then shut down in terrifying manifestations of agony."

In one of my previous articles I showed what the Sacramento Valley would look like under "Maximum Nuclear Fallout" conditions (if an enemy detonated a 750 ton nuclear device in downtown San Francisco.)

I explained that the entire North Sacramento Valley and all parts of the San Joaquin Valley which cover all of the valley south to Bakersfield could be contaminated by the deadly nuclear fallout from a San Francisco detonation. (SEE IMAGE TO LEFT)

The "Delta Breeze" could mix the fallout in with wind from the Pacific Ocean and the "fallout contaminated breeze" could gradually fill the valley (north and south) with deadly nuclear fallout just as shown here with Delta Fog. So what is San Francisco's reply?

NOTHING! San Francisco does not have clue what to do if such a terrorist attack occurred (either a NUCLEAR event as well as a BIOLOGICAL event)! The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management website can be reviewed at:

Their webpage is a joke. Their implied attitude can be described with a "prepper term" YOYO… (which means YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!) Their biggest recommendation on their site is "call 911" if a nuclear or biological event occurred. Their meager goal is to help "300 people."

Of course, 300 people would barely scratch the service in the event of a "large-scale blast" or a biological attack.

Just in the Bay Area alone a biological attack could affect nearly 7,000,000 people in the nine-county area around the bay.

When you factor-in the delta breeze spreading fallout or a biological agent all throughout the interior of California then an additional 4,000,000 people would be affected. So anywhere from 5 million to 11 million people could be "on the run" in the event of a major biological or nuclear crisis occurred.

Can you imagine the panic that would occur to these 11 million people if they were made aware that a large blast had occurred in downtown San Francisco and it let loose an apocalyptic cloud of flesh-eating bacteria or other hideous cloud of death.


Sacramento County's Emergency Response to most emergencies is more of the same. It could be termed to be a mediocre "MacGyver's Improvisation."

There moronic "evacuation plan" can be found at:

One would expect maps and diagrams showing emergency routes but no such maps exist.

Instead, the Sacramento Emergency Office merely point out various roads within the county boundaries. Their big lifesaving "emergency routes" are:

(see page 5-4)

In their 88 page Emergency Plan booklet they mention nuclear events only twice and each time was a reprint of the previous statement. This statement was as follows:

High-Level Examples:

· Folsom Dam has failed, or high risk of imminent failure.
· Massive levee breeches/failures and flooding in one area, and/or combined imminent threat of failure in multiple locations.
· Large-scale conventional attack or realistic threat of nuclear or catastrophic explosion.
· Large-scale conventional attack or realistic threat of nuclear or catastrophic explosion.
· Terrorist incident of any significant level, with concurrent media attention and public fear.
· Uncontrolled large wildfire at urban interface in Sacramento and multiple regional counties.

EOC and Personnel.
· In a catastrophic, mass evacuation emergency, the County EOC will activate to its fullest level. High-level evacuations require an elevated level of technical expertise and mutual aid with State and Federal agencies.

What is so amusing, is that their confused EMERGENCY PLAN is to "activate to the fullest level." What is the fullest level? How? What plans are in effect now?

Their plan, it appears, is that everything will be done "on the fly."

The emergency crisis that happened in New Orleans during the Katrina Hurrican and flooding thereafter also seems to be the mindset of the Sacramento County government. The "plan" was to wait, and wait, and wait for help to arrive… and it took a week for decisions to be made. Everyone in America remembers the horror stories of the people who waited in the Superdome.

A French newspaper wrote of the event: "Dirty, fearful and exhausted, they pressed their faces against the metal gates, begging and pleading for the chance to board a bus and get away from a refuge that had become a nightmare.

After five days in the stinking, crowded and sweltering confines of the New Orleans Superdome, the thousands of people who emerged formed a slow-moving tide of desperation looking for escape and relief.

The Superdome was meant to be a hurricane refuge, but those who sought shelter there described a lawless "concentration camp" where two children were reportedly raped and other refugees terrorized by rioters."

It is certain that New Orleans was NOT prepared for an emergency just as it is clear that San Francisco and Sacramento are not prepared as well.

(above) This is the gibberish being promoted as the EMERCENCY PLAN of Sacramento County. This information center is based on loudspeakers if all else fails.


If one really studies the "emergency plans" of most cities and states, it will quickly be learned that THERE IS NO PLAN!

The only "Plan" they have is to have no plan at all but have everyone stay where they are at and hunker down in the biological contaminants.

They mandate:


· Evacuation of populations pose some inherent safety
concerns associated with the rapid movement of large numbers of people (especially vulnerable populations) away from their resources, support facilities and familiar surroundings. Moving them to areas that may lack the level and quality of support and resources needed, could be life-threatening.

For this reason, evacuation is a solution of last-resort, and shelter-in-place is encouraged whenever possible.

Sheltering-in-place requires that the public remain indoors during an emergency period. The shelter-in-place order is typically accompanied by instructions to turn off the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and closing windows and doors, for instance in the case of a toxic chemical, biological or radiological materials air-borne release. Shelter-in-place is often the preferred response in the case of inclement weather, and it may be accompanied by the instructions to move to structurally safe areas in the structure in the case of tornados. It is also valuable for situations of civil disturbance or situations of potential violence, in which sheltering within locked premises is preferable to evacuation.

It can be stated simply that any nuclear or biological event in Northern California will be an apocalypse event for the citizens that live anywhere near the event. The chances of life continuing after such an event is lessened extremely because of the lack of planning prior to such events happening.

Mass evacuations are not being planned for. However, FEMA has amassed a vast storehouse full of body bags and plastic coffins. They figure a good purge is good for the populace every once in a while.

Our recommendation? Have your “bug-out-bag” packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Have your emergency detour planned and have extra supplies hidden along your route. In otherwords, PREPARE… (YOYO) You’re On Your Own!

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